Wayne County Estate Planning Lawyer

Probate and Estate Planning Legal Services in Wayne County

At Bryant, Logan, Wheeler Law Group, PLC, we represent individuals and couples in estate planning, from the simple to the very complex. We serve each individual personally, and our goal is to help you put arrangements in place that will protect your loved ones upon your passing. Each individual or couple has unique needs and circumstances, and the first action we take is to listen closely to your goals and objectives.

Once we understand your situation, and what you hope to accomplish, we present a strategy to you that will best serve those wishes. The various ways an estate can be arranged vary widely, based upon the value of the estate, including bank accounts, stock accounts, property, business interests, and other valuable assets. There are many opportunities to reduce taxes upon death, and we can advise you about what estate plan would allow your chosen heirs to gain the maximum possible from your years of work and saving. Call us for more information about estate planning, whether you are seeking a simple plan, or need to make arrangements that are more comprehensive due to the value of your assets.

Probate Lawyer in Wayne County

We serve as counsel in probate matters, including probate administration and litigation. When a person passes away, with estates above a certain value, the will must be validated in probate court. There are various issues that are resolved while the estate passes through probate, including paying off the final debts of the decedent, and transferring property to the beneficiaries named in the will. There can be issues that are in contention, including family members who believe that they have a claim on the estate and file a will contest. Other cases may involve cases of undue influence, in which it is believed that the decedent changed their will based upon the influence of another, whether a family member, caregiver or other party, at a time when the person was truly unable to make such a decision. We represent individuals in probate administration in simple cases, as well as those that will require skilled counsel to resolve favorably.

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