How Do I Stop Collection Calls?

Dealing with creditors who continue calling can be overwhelming and stressful. We want you to know that you can find relief from this. There are multiple steps that you can take to put a stop to these calls. The most important aspect of this is to be aware of your rights under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). You are protected from abusive collector calls and we can help you hold them accountable if they are violating your rights in any way. Other steps you can take to put an end to collection calls include:

  1. Sending a letter to the agency asking them to stop calling.
  2. Inform the collector that you want to communicate only in writing.
  3. Let the caller know that you are recording the call as evidence to file a complaint of the call.

If you send a cease and desist letter to the debt collector that states you do not want further communication, they should stop calling. Another method to stopping the calls that can also help you repay the debt that you owe is to file for bankruptcy. As soon as you start the bankruptcy process, all collection efforts must come to a halt immediately. If the collection agency continues to call, your attorney can get in contact with them if necessary. Filing for bankruptcy can also help you get back on track and either have the debt discharged or help you repay it via repayment plan. If you have further questions regarding collection efforts and how you can put a stop to the calls, contact us at Bryant, Logan, Wheeler Law Group, PLC. We offer a free case evaluation so you can sit with one of our bankruptcy lawyers to discuss your unique situation and how we can help.