Things Not To Do When Pursuing Bankruptcy

All too often, debtors try to outsmart the system or do things that they think will help their case in bankruptcy. Unfortunately, most of the acts performed in an attempt to help result in problems. The reason for this is that the court views many of the methods to preserve money or hide any assets as fraudulent. While the debtor often does not know that transferring funds or making large payments to friends is seen as fraudulent, this can significantly damage their bankruptcy case. In order to help you avoid the mistakes that many people make, here are some things that may come across as fraudulent and hurt your case:

  • Running up your bills right before you file
  • Leaving creditors out of your petition
  • Transferring your property to another person
  • Selling property for less than it is worth
  • Making preferential payments to friends or family right before you file

It is difficult to know all things that can harm your case, but if you team up with a bankruptcy lawyer in Wayne County, you would not need to worry. An attorney is well aware of what you need to do and what you should not do when filing for bankruptcy. On top of these acts that may be perceived as fraudulent, another thing you should not do is communicate with your creditors after filing. Creditors are tactful and have sneaky ways of getting what they want out of debtors. Let an attorney speak for you when it comes to your creditors to be sure that your rights are protected. In order to be sure that you do not jeopardize your bankruptcy, contact Bryant, Logan, Wheeler Law Group, PLC right away. Our firm offers a free case evaluation, call today and we can provide you with the legal guidance that you need in bankruptcy.

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