Need a lawyer for wage garnishment in Wayne County, MI?

Wage garnishment is an act that a creditor may take in order to receive payment for your debts. If you have not voluntarily paid your creditors, they may seek an order from the court to have your employer withhold part of your earnings in order to repay debts. Seek representation from a Wayne County bankruptcy lawyer from our firm for help with your garnishment issue. In the state of Michigan, garnishment can occur from your paychecks, bank accounts and tax refunds from the state. The garnishments can either be periodic or non-periodic. Periodic garnishment allows the creditor to take money on a regular basis, an example would be monthly garnishments from your paycheck. Non-periodic garnishment would be a one-time garnishment, which would generally be taken from your bank account or tax refund. There are limits to a periodic garnishment, which means that a creditor cannot just garnish your entire paycheck each month.

The laws in Wayne County ensure that the debtor is still able to afford living expenses by only allowing 25% of disposable earnings to be garnished. Disposable earnings means the amount you receive on your paycheck after the required deductions such as taxes or social security. In order to avoid wage garnishment, you could try to negotiate a payment plan or ask for a motion for installment payments. Team up with a Wayne County bankruptcy attorney for help in your case. We may be able to help you avoid garnishment and work out a plan with your creditors. A last resort option to stop the wage garnishment would be to file for bankruptcy and we can walk you through that process as well. The other options that may better suit your situation would be to seek the payment order or create a plan with your creditors. Contact Bryant, Logan, Wheeler Law Group, PLC to see how we can help you! With over 50 years of combined experience we are prepared to take on any wage garnishment or bankruptcy case, so call today!

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