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Facing bankruptcy in Dearborn?

Dearborn is a city located in Wayne County that is part of the Detroit metropolitan area. With a population of over 98,000, it is the eighth largest city in the state. Dearborn is known around the world has being the headquarters of the Ford Motor Company and the hometown of Henry Ford. The employers in Dearborn who employ the most amount of people are Fort, Oakwood Health System, Severstal North American, and Percepta. The median income for one household in Dearborn is $44,560 and the median income for one family in Dearborn is $53,060. With the per capita income at $21,488, approximately 16% of the population is living below the poverty line.

When the median income of males was compared to females, it was determined that males earn approximately $12,000 more than females. The median income for males is $45,110 and the median income for females is $33,800. As to the racial diversity of the city, the population is 86% Non-Hispanic white, 4% Black, 3.4% Hispanic, 1.7% Asian, and 0.2% Native Americans. With 41% of the population of Arab ancestry, the city is also home to the Arab American National Museum and the largest mosque in the U.S., the Islamic Center of America. Those who wish to file for bankruptcy in Dearborn will file their case at the United State Bankruptcy Court Eastern District of Michigan.

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